Custom Shimmer Wall

Welcome to our captivating realm of customisation. At Electric Confetti, we excel in crafting extraordinary bespoke shimmer walls that transform spaces in the most unique way.

Our Shimmer Walls infuse a touch of enchantment into your chosen area, whether it's an event space, a building facade, a hoarding, your home, a retail environment (our shimmer can almost can go anywhere!).

Shimmer walls and panels bring a radiant allure that lingers, casting a vibrant charm. Ideal as event backdrops or home decor, these shimmer walls aren't merely decorative pieces; they're timeless works of art.

Picture it enhancing your space, brightening your surroundings, or adding a distinct character to any corner of your establishment. Super easy to install and store away.

Your space, beautifully illuminated.

Three Ways to Design your Shimmer Wall

1. Explore Our Range

Explore our online shimmer collection, effortlessly adding a touch of magic to your space. Mix and match any colours. These shimmer panels, adorned with iridescent sequins, draw attention with their captivating movement, making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

2. Upload Your Idea

We offer over 100 colours in our Shimmer Walls Shop, but if you want to something per personalised (think stripes, gradients or imagery!) then get in touch with the deets in the form below!

3. Chat to our designers

Perhaps you're nurturing an ultra-custom concept. Fantastic, crafting personalised shimmer walls is our expertise. Get imaginative (or entrust our skilled designers with this task), then adorn any space with it, adding a touch of brilliance that lasts.

Custom Shimmer Wall Query

We can customise your design down to the last sequin during our Shimmer Wall design process for a glittering press wall, sequin backdrop, or thoroughly Instagrammable event space.
We deliver all across Australia.

Want to know more, or order a shimmer wall? Get in touch and we'll be back in touch shortly.

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