Your LED neon can be so versatile!

As one of the designers, I always like to get an idea of where the client would like to have their sign. Is it at home, or for business? I often create the final artwork to ensure the acrylic to suits the circumstance. I always make sure to provide final artwork that allows for flexibility for how your sign can be used.

In the design file you can see here, the client wanted 2.4m in length for it be placed above a bench seat as you walk into a restaurant. As a recommendation I suggested splitting the sign into two pieces which would allow for transport of the sign to be easier, but also should the sign have to moved, the customer would be able to change the layout of the text to stacked instead of on one line.


When it comes to most of the signs we create, what I love the most is they are so versatile with how that can be styled! Especially if you are like me an always love to move things around and try new layouts. Even if your acrylic is cut to shape (so it closely follows the form of the LED) or rectangle (where it’s a simple clean cut in a rectangle shape) you can use your sign in a lot of ways.

The acrylic backing which is very rigid which means you don’t necessarily need to have your sign fixed off to the wall. Perhaps you would like it on a desk, or book shelf – you can even hang the sign to the wall from the fixing holes in the acrylic.

Take this little moon as an example. I love having it in my room above my bed and using it in the evening. Because we rent and can’t make holes in the wall, I have attached it to the using 3M velcro strips. I attached the strips where the lines of the neon follow to make them less visible once it is on the wall.



Being able to move it around it so great! My flatmates love our neon signs and always want them downstairs where they can appreciate them too, so invariably it might stay in my room for a little while, but eventually ends up downstairs so they can see it too. When I work from home I love to have something on my desk – especially in what seemed like the never ending weeks over the COVID restrictions! Instead of attaching it to the wall with a new set of 3M strips, I can just have it leaning up against the wall behind my computer. The ability to lower the brightness a little with the free dimmer that comes with all our signs is really handy!


It also looks fantastic in and amongst plants and books on a bookshelf. Bedside tables, on the bench for some extra light, in a hallway as a nightlight, all these ways of presenting it are super handy and endless. The cord that exits the sign is clear so I can run that all the way to the floor and have the adaptor hidden under the bookshelf as you can(’t) see in this pic 😉


The cord that comes off the sign also provides a lot of room to run down and behind furniture. As a standard we create each sign with a clear 2m lead to the sign which plugs into the adaptor. The adapter then gives an additional 1.5 metres of cable. Plenty of cord to run and hide behind furniture if you need to!


I would recommend playing around with how you can use you sign in your home or business and not be limited to it being fixed off to the wall, or stuck in one place! If you are or will be in the process of having a sign designed with one of our designers, we can always suggest options of ways to make your sign more versatile!