Little India Illumination

At Electric Confetti, we were delighted to take on the Little India precinct project in Dandenong. We started by brainstorming ideas and coming up with the full concept for the project. We then worked with the community to ensure that our design captured the essence of the Diwali festival and reflected the cultural significance of the precinct.

As part of our role, we managed client and stakeholder expectations, ensuring that the project was executed within budget and on schedule. We created a style guide that provided a cohesive visual identity for the project and consulted with each retailer individually on their sign design, ensuring that their unique needs were reflected.

Once the designs were approved, we took care of physically installing all the signs, ensuring that each one was installed to the highest standard. The result was a stunning display of shimmer panels and neon lights that celebrated Diwali and brought light to the shopping strip.