Custom Design Process

How does the design process work? +

The longest part of our process at Electric Confetti goes into the digital design of your piece. As we are a design-based studio, please be patient and realise due to highly considered designs this process can take up to two weeks after the purchase of the design deposit. Head to our custom design page to find out more.

Can I speed up the design process? +

We do offer a priority service, additional fees apply.

Product Info

What can I expect to receive with my neon sign? +

Our signs are designed and come with a 12 v Australian-approved adapter, which plugs directly into a conventional wall socket. You also get a dimmer dial which enables you to dim the brightness of your neon right down to less than 5% – perfect for a child’s nightlight or when you don’t require the full brightness.

Is it breakable? +

The nature of the LED neon means it’s very robust – virtually unbreakable. The most fragile part of your neon is the acrylic it’s backed on – which is super strong! During the design phase, we just have to make sure there are no ‘weak’ spots in the backing shape which could put pressure on the acrylic, leading to breakages.

Do the signs buzz or hum? +

No, they’re silent.

How long do they last? +

40-50,000 hours, or 2-3 years if left on 24/7. Of course you can extend the life of your LED neon greatly if it’s not on all day and night.

How are they made? +

All our custom signs are made by hand based on the digital design concepts we create. As they are made by hand, small amounts of glue will be visible on your sign. It’s part of the handwork!

How much does it weigh? +

LED neon is surprisingly light! On average, our signs weigh 5 kg.

How does LED noen flex differ to traditional neon? +

With a string of LEDs encased in a PVC jacket, LED neon looks very similar to traditional glass-blown neon … but without the drawbacks! While traditional neon is expensive to both make and operate – not to mention easy to break! – LED neon is a durable, flexible and energy-efficient modern alternative.

How is it powered? +

Your sign is connected to a power socket and plugged directly into the wall. Each piece comes with a 12V transformer, safe for indoor use. Unlike traditional neon, our signs don’t require hardwiring by an electrician (however, you can certainly get an electrician to hardwire your sign if that’s what you want). All electrical adaptors are designed to Australian standards with Australian electrical plugs.

How does it work? +

Your neon sign is mounted to the wall (or hung). Exiting the sign is a cord. This cord plugs into the provided adapter, which then plugs directly into the wall

What are the signs mounted on? +

All signs are mounted on a high quality clear acrylic backing. The shape of the acrylic can be cut to shape (so cut in close to the neon to follow the outline) or rectangular. We also offer printed backing, CMYK ink is printed to the back of the acrylic, adding an additional element to your sign

What colour is the cord? +

The cord exiting your neon is a thin copper and silver wire encased in a clear coating. This connects an adapter via a male and female connector. The black cable on the adapter provides an additional 1.5 metres of length.

How long is the cord? +

All cords are standard size of approx 2 metres long, we can make this longer – just ask! This doesn’t count the additional 1.5 metres of black cable from the adapter.

What colours can I choose from? +

There are 16 beautiful Electric Confetti colours to choose from. We offer ‘pastel’ and ‘vivid’ ranges. The difference being the pastels are a softer colour, and when switched off their tube, or jacket colour, is white. There’s also the ‘vivid’ range, which produce a stronger hue and their jacket remains coloured when off. You can lessen the brightness, too, using the supplied attached dimmer dial. This dimming function makes our LED neons perfect as a night light or reading light.

Can you make moving neons? +

Yes! If you want more dynamic or complex movement however (such as a crab opening and closing its pincers … or a person waving hello!) we can do that for an additional fee. We create an animation of your neon for you to approve during the design process.

What is your warranty? +

Our neons come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty – covering faulty items and indoor use only.

As the neons are handmade to order,  small smudges may appear on the tubing or acrylic due to the manufacturing process. It is not apparent when lit.

Do you do outdoor signs +

No, not on permanent basis. We can offer them for the short term however

Design deposit + payment

How do I pay? +

We offer bank deposit (Australian based customers), credit card, or Paypal. In order to see designed concepts of your neon, we offer the design deposit. The $79 is all you will pay to see your concepts, and is refundable towards the cost of your final sign. If you choose not to go ahead with your neon, the $79 isn’t refundable. This process takes us the most time, so please understand we can’t refund due to a change of mind. Once you approve your concept, full payment is required upon receipt of invoice before the manufacturing can begin.

Why do I have to pay the full amount before I see my sign? +

The highly customised nature of your sign means we require full payment prior to production.

Can I have a font you don't offer? +

Most likely! We can use other specified fonts. Please bear in mind LED neon is a monoline – therefore fonts with variations in thickness i.e. hand painted styles, can’t be replicated precisely. If you send us a font reference that has variation in thickness, we will hand draw new lettering based on the reference given in the style given.

I've already got the design sorted, do I still have to pay the design deposit? +

Yes, even if you supply the logo/drawing of your neon sign, we need to convert it to be file ready for production.


Do you provide an installation service? +

Our signs are super simple to install, they just require screwing to the wall. If you wish to have it professionally hardwired so the wires are not visible, we can help put you in touch with an electrician.  Alternatively, if you’re working in a commercial capacity and require it hung we can help out.

Can I install it myself then? +

Absolutely! The nature of the LED neon means it’s very robust. Unlike real neon which is delicate and has the tendency to shatter, you don’t need to be super gentle when handling our signs. All signs come with screws ready to hang. If you wish to install your sign from the ceiling or in a window, hanging wire can be supplied at no additional cost.

How do I connect it? +

In addition to your awesome Electric Confetti neon sign, you will receive a black adapter (wattage varies from 12-90), IEC cable and a dimmer dial.

1. Attach neon exit cable to dimmer dial.

3. Grab black IEC cord (socket will vary depending on country) and connect to dimmer dial.

4. Plug into wall socket.

7. Switch on power at the wall or through the dimmer dial