Electric Confetti
Shimmer Walls

You can use shimmer walls to:

Funk-up a press wall at your event

Sparkle-up your party or wedding

Shimmer-up your retail or hospitality space

Elevate your event to sparkle status

You’ve seen your name in neon lights, but have you seen it in SEQUINS?

During our Shimmer Wall design process, we can customise your design down to the last sequin, for a glittering press wall or thoroughly Instagrammable event space.

Think: your logo in perfect pixels.

Your brand colours in breezy sequins.

Your dog’s face in sparkly confetti-esque circles!

Even better: Shimmer Walls TRULY dazzle with a dash of breeze!

How they can work in your space

Shimmer Wall panels can be attached to a collapsible frame or attached directly to a solid surface.

Shimmer Wall Colours

Start the Shimmer Wall design process.