Orange Glitter Panel Shimmer


Our Shimmer Walls are a series of metallic sequins that come pre-attached to a backing panel and are ‘offset’ on a small pin, meaning they respond to, and move in the atmosphere – creating a moving, mesmerising effect that requiring no electricity!

Install is super easy, they simply interlock to each other and can be attached to most surfaces with screws/staples, or damage free with 3M hooks.

Want multi-colour? We specialise in gradients, stripes and (if possible) text based styles. Contact us for a quote for custom shimmer walls!

Check the size guide guide below to work out how many you need!

Colour: Orange shimmer with glitter/reflective finish.
Shape: Round or Square available.
Panel: Size: 34cm X 34cm 

Size Guide

Wall Size

1.02m x 1.02m | 9 panels

2.04m x 2.04m | 36 panels

2.38m x 2.38m | 49 panels

3.06m x 3.06m  | 81 panels

4.08m w x2.4m h | 84 panels

5.7m w x2.4m h | 135 panels

Can I get a different colour or design?

The options are endless. Custom design are our speciality and we have over 120 colours. We take the care and design time to place each pixel individually and ultimately create a masterpiece. Think gradient, stripes, oversized text etc. Just get in touch!

When can I expect my order?

At Electric Confetti, we're committed to sustainability. That's why we create each order on demand, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a personalised experience for you. With reliable carbon neutral shipping partners, we'll deliver your products swiftly and securely to your doorstep.

Our standard delivery is 12-20 days, with free worldwide shipping (excluding oversize).

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The panels interconnect with each other and click easily into place by applying pressure with your fingers.

Shimmer an be installed directly onto the surface or put up in small groups.

How to I hang or attach it?

You can easily attach to a wall or surface using 3M hooks or strips, or nails/screws if damage isn’t an issue. The panels can follow curved walls and can be cut down with wire cutters or similar.

Are they reusable?

Yes! The beauty of our panels is that they can be used again and again. Easy to install by anyone, and packs down into a box (supplied).